Pet Peeve's

A few Pet Peeve’ and drivers in New Orleans

If there are a few things I can’t stand its weather change and bad drivers. The weather here in New Orleans is usually hot and humid, but today it’s cold. The bad thing about this is yesterday it was hot. I hate having to go from shorts to layers of clothes in one day. Yesterday, it was hot enough to wear shorts, today I need to wear layers of clothes, tomorrow will probably be hot, the next day it will be cold, then the following day I will be at home taking Nyquil and drinking soup because I am sick from the weather change.

Another pet peeve of mine is how people here drive. Now I am not saying everyone down here can’t drive, but it’s the stupid ones I can’t stand. Everyone always seems to be in a rush and need’s to get somewhere fast. I am usually a calm driver, but when stupid people do stupid things the road rage inside of me comes to life. What awakens my road rage are a few things:


Let’s visit club Nocturnal 2nite… Space’d out?

To begin, I am a bit behind on this post, as I went out on Saturday night and had to work sunday and had a really long day at work monday, another story in itself. With that out of the way, lets move onto my review of my saturday night clubbing at Nocturnal.

The night started out with me wanting to absolutely, positively get the hell out of the house and do something around Miami that involved drinking and the loud music of the nightlife in miami, with a splash of lovely ladies tossed in ;-). I started making some calls to my friends ,who I know would always be down to go out and party ‘like a rockstar’. I was in luck this weekend as most of them had some plans of hittin’ the club scene, now, it was just a matter of where do I want to go. You see, Miami has quite a few clubs to choose from depending on your lifestyle, i myself am a hip-hop fan. The one friend I chose to hang with that night had a detailed layout of what was going on, good thing! So, he got a call from this chica about it being her birthday and she was having a little house party at her place (pregaming it) before heading out to club Nocturnal, damn good plan!!

Automotive Honda

Tune-up for my car, Save on gas money?

Well I just did a basic tune-up to my 1998 Honda Accord yesterday and it seems to drive much more smoothly now. I changed the distributor cap, ignition rotor, spark plugs, spark plug wires, oil, transmission fluid and antifreeze. I had NGK iridium spark plugs before and now I switched to the NGK G-power platinum plugs.

Gaming PS3

PS3…I own it… But, have no time to play it :(

What is it to splurge on a 400 dollar gaming system (Thanks CL!) only to clean it every once in a while since it is collecting dust from not being used/abused! I have purchased 3 games for this system and have accomplished beating two of the three, such easy games. The third game i own is Assassins creed, this game seems to be a time consumer and I have yet to sit down and experience the full extent of its glory. I have read reviews from many different websites, magazines and have seen tv reviews of this game, but