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Trouble with Gateway GT5220 and a short review

My friend Nic22 recently posted this as a comment, but I thought it would be more convenient for people who actually have this pc or consider purchasing it to read his review and problems.


A Dragonball live action movie? Yes it is for real!

I am sure most people have heard a few years ago that a Dragonball Z live action movie was in the works. They had many rumors about the movie, one such as George Lucas will be doing the special effects. Then the rumors stopped and no production was heard about it. Until recently I heard that there is a movie in production and it will be coming out in April 10, 2009. A few pictures also has been leaked which is included on this post.


No Crossing!

I’ve had my first official run in with the good ol’ San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) while I was out last night. I’ll tell you what, I’m pretty sure he was hella bored and looking for someone to bother because he stopped me while I was walking across the street with time on the meter to cross.

Clubbing Miami

Nocturnal… YET AGAIN

Don’t ask me howwwwwwwwwwww, but, somehow i ended up once again trying to get into this club. A club in which I did not enjoy myself the first time, a club in which I was so trashed that the girl that I got her number from was not as ‘cute’ as I thought when I was in the club, a club in which it was so damn hot and crowded that I was dripping with sweat, you get the idea! This club just never left a good taste in my mouth at all.


GetBackers anime, a short review

I was at Best Buy the other day when I decided to pick up an anime that I have not seen yet. As I was looking around I noticed a series called the GetBackers. I read the back of the box and it mainly said how the GetBackers will get anything back that was lost or stolen. That description did not really interest me much so I put it back. I looked around and didn’t see anything else that caught my eye, but for some reason I just had to see what the GetBackers was all about. I purchased it and the decision I made was well worth it.


Dexter Season 1. 650 minutes in 3 days.

I just recently finished watching a show called Dexter. My friend loaned it to me and when I gave it back to him a few days later he thought I didn’t like it. That was not the case, as I actually finished watching 1 whole season in 3 days. Believe me, this is not what I had planned. This all started with 1 episode.