Dexter Season 1. 650 minutes in 3 days.

I just recently finished watching a show called Dexter. My friend loaned it to me and when I gave it back to him a few days later he thought I didn’t like it. That was not the case, as I actually finished watching 1 whole season in 3 days. Believe me, this is not what I had planned. This all started with 1 episode.

I usually love to watch shows like C.S.I., Criminal Minds, The First 48 and so on, but I have never seen Dexter before. My friend told me about it and told me what it was about, it seemed interesting. The show is about a guy named Dexter Morgan who is a blood spatter analyst and helps catching killers. However, he has a tendency to kill. Ok, so basically he is a killer, but only kills bad people. So what does that make him? Good or Bad? Anyway, I put Disc 1 in and laid in my bed since it was about 11:30pm. Watched the first episode, damn it was good but I need to get to bed since I had work at 9am the next day and each episode is about 50 minutes each. Ah, screw it, I have to know what happens next. Episode 2 ends. Ah man, they can’t leave me hanging like this. I said to myself I’ll just get to bed early the next day, so I ended up watching another episode. It was around 2:30am and I told myself I will just watch the intro to see what happens next then I can get to sleep. Episode 4 ends. Just couldn’t help it, it keeps getting better. I finally decided to get to sleep since it was about 3:30am.

Day 2. Next night came. It was about 11:00pm and I said to myself, Ok tonight I will watch 1 episode then go to sleep since I have work at 9:00am and I was currently running on about 4 hours of sleep from the night before. Episode 5 ends. Nope I am not going to sleep until I find out what happens. Episode 6 ends. 1 more thats it. Episode 7 ends and it was around 2:00am. I refuse to let it end here. Episode 8 ends. OK that’s it I am done, it’s almost 3:00am and I have to be to work at 9:00am.

Day 3.Got home from work around 6pm and I was extremely tired, I do not know how I made it through the day, but I did. I said to myself I will just watch 1 more episode then get some rest. Episode 9 and 10 ends. It is now about 8pm and I got pretty hungry and was still tired. Since the plot was getting way to good and I had to see the ending I ended up getting a few snacks and watching the last 2 episodes.

Some rest huh? Well what can I say? I am a loser right? HAHA. Well come to find out my friend watched the season in a few days also. Glad I am not the only loser around here πŸ˜‰ . Despite the lack of sleep in those 3 days, the season was real good and I can’t wait for season 2 to come out. As I am sure I will get that right away!

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HAHAHA! You are a maniac, but, you did get some sleep. 4-5 hours giving you time to get ready for work. Sissy! πŸ˜› I’ve been up til 530 having work at 8 the next day (get this i have to leave home at 630 to get there with some time to spare). πŸ˜€ Beat that biatch!

you fool! it usually takes me 15 mins to get to work on a normal day but at 9am mon-fri thats traffic hour, I have to take the long way! yea I got sleep but I cant function good on 4 hrs of sleep πŸ™

what up yall? cant really sleep as usual. something weird happened the other night. it rained very hard, the power went out for a few hours. when i woke up my computer was off and when i turned it back on it immediately shut off, i said to my self, “son of a bi**h”. It was killing me because i had to be to work in 50 min and and takes me an hour with no traffic and anyone that knows me knows i can not leave things alone. later on that day after work i just had to find out what the problem was, i just couldn’t sleep with out trying to fix it. it was around 2am and for some reason i thought to remove my after market kingston ram and left my factory ram modules in the primary sockets. i hook my monitor back up and “walla” everything is back to normal. i put the after market ram back in and the pc does nothing, not even bios setup is available. Anyone have any idea what this could be? I just don’t see how a power surge could fry only two of my ram modules and nothing else inside the pc. does this sound right?

lol. I’d check the mem modules in another PC to see if they are at fault. Could be any number of things here, but, good thing is your other ram sticks still work. That surge could have fried the modules, but, I would see it taking out some other components as well, if not the whole MB and not just the two sticks.

Yup its official, my computer is fried as far as i can tell. Now even with out the aftermarket ram modules installed my computer will not even boot up, the fan just stays on constantly like it is in some kind of safe mode or something. I brought it to a local computer repair shop to see if it is worth fixing or if i should start looking for a new machine, i’m leaning towards hp or lenovo if need be. Never again will i buy gateway. Just after the one year factory warranty expired my dvd-rom drive decides to kick the bucket. So i buy a new drive from and $40 and 3 days later the problem is solved because of their incredibly fast shipping. Then, after i decide to actually use the NIC card instead of and unstable wireless connection the computer decides to shut completely off when ever i try to disable the lan connection in network properties for some configuring, i thought it was weird but it worked fine with everything else. Now about 6 months later it decides to crap out on me after the power going out, could have been a power surge i dunno but i do have 2 apc surge protectors. Also, I try to call gateway and all I can get are reps that I can barely understand, no offense to foreign people but i’m sure it is an aggravation for the both of us. After speaking with someone I am informed that Gateway no longer offers support on that model because of its age and they could gladly connect me to someone who would be more than happy to help me for only $8.99 per hour. So, i just said forget it. All in all my experience with gateway has been a little on the negative side and a part of me hopes that i have to get a whole new system.