My friend Nic22 recently posted this as a comment, but I thought it would be more convenient for people who actually have this pc or consider purchasing it to read his review and problems.

“Yup its official, my computer (Gateway GT5220) is fried as far as I can tell. Now even without the aftermarket ram modules installed my computer will not even boot up, the fan just stays on constantly like it is in some kind of safe mode or something. I brought it to a local computer repair shop to see if it is worth fixing or if I should start looking for a new machine, I’m leaning towards hp or Lenovo if need be. Never again will I buy gateway. Just after the one year factory warranty expired my DVD-ROMs drive decides to kick the bucket. So I buy a new drive from and $40 and 3 days later the problem is solved because of their incredibly fast shipping. Then, after I decide to actually use the NIC card instead of an unstable wireless connection the computer decides to shut completely off when ever I try to disable the LAN connection in network properties for some configuring, I thought it was weird but it worked fine with everything else. Now about 6 months later it decides to crap out on me after the power going out, could have been a power surge I dunno but I do have 2 apc surge protectors. Also, I try to call gateway and all I can get are reps that I can barely understand, no offense to foreign people but I’m sure it is an aggravation for the both of us. After speaking with someone I am informed that Gateway no longer offers support on that model because of its age and they could gladly connect me to someone who would be more than happy to help me for only $8.99 per hour. So, I just said forget it. All in all my experience with gateway has been a little on the negative side and a part of me hopes that I have to get a whole new system.”