Trusty old 2003 Mazda 6

This will be just a simple copy/paste move over of my profile from CarDomain

I have since transferred the title over to my dad, who originally made the investment for the car. With a quick small cash trade, the ride is officially his and not mines anymore.

The reason why I got the car was because my old ride, a 1993 Saturn SL2, had bitten the dust with a seized motor and the journey to school was too much to handle for me to get another older used car, so my dad decided to go with a ‘new’ car.

After a few weeks of driving around in my parents car (1993 Lexus ES300), I kept seeing what I thought to be the nicest ride on the streets, which turned out to be a Mazda6, the ones I especially liked were those factory yellow models with the sport package, lip kit, wing, etc. and limo tints.

Thus! The hunt began for my very first ‘new’ car purchase. Which ended at an yearly auto event that was held by Eastern Financial Florida Credit Union/AutoBranch in South Florida. We took an early morning visit to the event and lo’ & behold, there was the car I wanted…the Mazda6. After browsing around and looking at other cars (Toyota Matrix, Nissan Altima, etc.; I think I looked at 2-3 others) I ended at the Mazda6.

I purchased the ride in about September of 2004 with 17K miles on it. They told me it was used as a rental car, thus the high milage for a car only 1 year old. I haven’t regretted it a day since πŸ™‚

Let me know what you think. I’ll try and get more updated pictures and build on the story of the ride some more as I get time.

I hope you all enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed taking them. Leave a comment or two, I love reading & responding to them.

Entertainment Miami

Street Perfection.Com

Check out my friend/neighbor from Miami’s website, lots of great pictures of the night life in and around Miami plus even more cool shots during the day, including some of me when I was hanging out during an very hot sunday!

Me with an old man and his lion dog
Me, random chick and my buddy
Christmas style nurse chick and my friend doing his thing taking pictures

Be sure to check out Street Perfection for more pictures and tons of other events posted throughout the greater Miami area all year round!!

And… The piece de resistance

Gaming PC

Most Anticipated Game: All Points Bulletin [APB]

I have been following this game on/off for the last few months now and I must say that it should be something that will be of great success in the near future.

Here is a YouTube snipped of the official APB trailer:

Essentially, the game is an open world massive multiplayer online ‘rpg’ (?) without any linear structure to it, you just go out and pick up various missions throughout the world. In APB, you can choose whether you would like to be a ‘Career’ Criminal or an Law upholding Enforcer in which depending on your choice gives you a plethora of missions/assignments and ideals of how you are to progress in the game. The customization options throughout the game go from character customization to vehicle customization, with every aspect of creation being taken into great detail.

APB reminds me of GTA IV and City of Heroes/City of Villains in the sense of when playing GTA IV you can steal a car, purchase a weapon, and go on a rampage generating as much chaos in the city to the dismay of the local law enforcement, whom attempt to end your spree of violence with as much counter-terrorism that they can muster, at the end of it all you have an entire city police force (and If I Recall Correctly (IIRC) the Military) which is tasked with an all points bulletin (APB) to capture you using any means necessary (hence the Tanks, SWAT, Choppers, etc.) This aspect of GTA IV can be seen transpired throughout APB as players (not NPC’s) are given this message to capture you if you have been acting ‘naughty’ in the city breaking too many laws, this is not the sort of easy get away as it is in GTA as you are actually being tracked by human players which aren’t so easy to trick by hiding behind a desk or going into a home to duck out of the action to catch your breath. No, my friend, you will be hunted down like a rabid dog living in suburbs with John Travolta (I have no clue about this aforementioned reference but it seems cool in my head right now). APB reminds me of City of Heroes/City of Villains (a game in which I bought but never played, sadly) in the fact that you are able to FULLY customize your character from their clothes down to their tattoos, the tattoo theme seems to move across by the way of you can actually create a tattoo/save it and paste that image onto your customized vehicle, what better way to show the world how much you love your body art πŸ˜‰ Though I’m not sure about attributes of skills (weapons a character can carry, cars a character can drive, aim, stamina, blocking, etc.) I believe you will need to increase your skill level to obtain certain items throughout the game.

My main thing about this game is that you are able to customize your vehicle and as well, you can trade it in the city for another item or in-game cash. Speaking of in-game cash, this game will cost some monthly payment as stated on the website of Realtime Worlds here. The pricing doesn’t seem bad, if it is anything like I have read online, then if you are a good merchant you can probably play for free by just creating items and selling them in the game market for further playtime.

This game has me very excited about the future of online gaming, as it has evolved so much from the early days of a modem connection to my friends house to play Command & Conquer to full-fledged dedicated systems by the likes of World of Warcraft.

Please, let me know what you think about APB, its pricing scheme, cost, features, and just anything else you might know that you would like to share.

If you are on the Beta for APB, I know there is a very strict NDA in place so have fun and let us know anything you are able to divulge to the world πŸ˜‰


Honda Civic, LS-VTEC, My Little Hybrid

There once was a civic, it was small and silver and had a dinky little put-put engine, then one day a man bought this little civic and wanted to turn the grocery getter into a street terror. So, that man, opted to install one of the most unreliable, yet hugely popular, and fast engines into this little shopping cart with a motor and what became of it is left to be told right here.

The journey begins with me already owning a black 2 door civic hatchback, one of the cars I’d wanted for quite some time as it such a beautiful machine with some minor modifications to the exterior without needing to tweak the interior or engine at any point — Just put some lowering springs, rims, exhaust and you’ve got something that needs no other touchings to make it ‘pop’. Though, there were quite a few setbacks that I should have taken into consideration prior to making the final purchase of this car, such as it had dark window tints all around and it was automatic but I wanted the hatch so badly that I plopped down the 3K for the car without thinking further about the amount of extra work I would have to put into it to swap the transmission/remove the tints and then take it further with the modifications I was looking to make. After a short few weeks of ownership I was already considering trading my so beloved black hatch for something with much more ‘oomph’, thus began the search once again for a respectable machine (as we Jamaicans call it) with some street credibility to run with the best of them.

Craigslist here I come! If you do not know what craigslist is, basically it’s an free classifieds ad website which you can visit here. After a few more weeks of searching with emails between different sellers that were looking to trade their cars, alongside my own posting to trade my car with many responses from motorcycle owners looking to trade; I don’t have a license to ride a motorcycle and wasn’t really in the mood to learn but thought the idea to be grand of trading my civic for a death cycle πŸ˜€ which did not come to fruition as you will later read. I finally landed on a meeting with the owner of a beat up silver 2 door civic coupe with a legendary engine in the bay… an LS-VTEC, whatever the hell that meant to me at the time, I just knew the car was quick and could ravage the competition on the street. So, after some of the worst negotiating I could/ever will make in my lifetime, I traded cars with this guy.

Not to leave anyone in the dark here, I’ll give you the rundown of the Black 2 Door Civic Hatch in comparison to the Silver 2 Door Civic Coupe;


Black Hatch:

Standard Steel Wheels
D15Y (I believe)
Manual Windows
Manual Door Locks
Exterior Condition = Excellent

Silver Coupe:

18″ Alloy Wheels
Aftermarket Stereo System
Auto start
No A/C
No Powersteering
Manual (some aftermarket hydraulic setup, I forget now what it was)
B18A LS-VTEC Aftermarket Engine Swap
Rear Window Tints
Manual Windows
Automatic Door Locks
Exterior Condition = Not Good

He kept the rims/aftermarket stereo.

Talk about my negotiating skills, he could have asked me to give him 1K on the trade and I probably would have. Hah!

So with the deal done, we met one day swapped the wheels did the title and we were both on our merry little ways. Another side note, I was no professional at driving a manual car so there was A LOT! of stalling on the way home in the car, though it was fun to drive the little thing home. P.S: No A/C in Miami is like phoning the Grim Reaper and telling him to meet you at 12 for coffee.

In the end, I made it home after making the deal and my parents gave me the craziest look and I gave them an even crazier look which I feel is always an apparent look that I have, though it comes across differently. I would drive the car on/off during the week and primarily on the weekends, which was the utmost of torture since it didn’t have A/C but the exhilaration that copulated when I put my foot on gas and properly made my shifts was well worth the torture sessions. Given that I had a second car, it wasn’t in my best interest to take really good care of this car so, I didn’t wash it or properly maintain it which is where my pitfall begins.

After a few more weeks of ownership and lots more neglect, the car was beginning to display its signs of wear by making funny noises from the engine bay, such as ‘clank, clank, clank, clank’ with my response of ‘wtf is that g-d damn noise! eh, whatever’. At which point, I just pretty much put the car in the garage to sit and used my daily driver Mazda6 to get around Miami. Then one day, my friend Jeff announces that he will be coming to Miami to visit, mind you Jeff is a Honda Guru and wanted to know/drive/kill my Civic (i joke about killing it but he wanted to test the limits of what I had) at which point I explain to Jeff that the car has been acting funny and making funny noises.

Against my better judgement but wanting to show off the car to Jeff, I brought it out for the night he was in town. This was the night of definition for this car and I still neglected to prep it properly (wash, check the oil … you know, proper maintenance). After watching a movie, having some dinner, and some laughs we decided to head to South Beach at around 11P or 12A to check out the scene and just to hang out some more. Our friend Sharif decides to ride with me in the hybrid while the others go off in another car.

As we are cruising to the beach, I pull up to a light next to this guy in an Integra or something and he looks over at me and laughs because of how crappy the car looked and the engine was knocking harder and harder by the second. I look back and chuckle at him, then look at Sharif who was like giving me the go-ahead, so the guy gives me a rev. Light turns green and I never knew this little machine could rock so hard! The guy came up at the next light in shock and awe, we laughed at him but the car was crying, very loudly at that. I was thinking, this is not so good I should head home and see what the deal is but, the next thing I know I’m at South Beach looking for a parking space.

We hang out at the beach messing around for a few hours until Jeff announces that he has to get out early the next morning to get home, we then begin our exit from the beach with the car sounding at it’s worst ever (if your car ever sounds as mines did at this time, trust me, you need a new one!) I begin cruising home and the car started running worse and worse by the moment until it eventually stalled out… Facccckkkkkk! I drift to the hard shoulder, hang out for a moment, and get the car to start again. Drive a short distance, same thing, though this time, the car doesn’t come back to life πŸ™ Stranded on the 836 at 3AM. Well worth it πŸ˜‰ Jeff comes back and Sharif hops out and was like, yo man Ill chill with you ’til triple A (AAA) comes. So, we chill til they come at like 5AM to bring me and my ride back to the casa.

The Civic sits in the garage for a few months, with me thinking of swapping another engine into it and asking around for quotes and friends to help but, in the end I just post it on Craigslist for sale and take the loss.

Two Civic’s, One year, A total loss but not without a grand experience! I will tell you, I’d do it again but with only a few variations, one being taking better care of the Silver Coupe πŸ˜€

Have any experience(s) with swapped engines or into the modified car scene, share your comments please!

Amsterdam Miscellaneous Travel

The comments that leave my mouth…Is it any wonder why I’m always quiet

The Barrymore Bomb

Scene: A crowded bar with loud music

**I spot a girl in the bar that looks like she could be a doppelganger for Drew Barrymore**
Me: Hey! You know, you look exactly like Drew Barrymore, it is uncanny!
Her: OMG! I can’t believe you just compared me to Drew Barrymore!! She is so ugly [some incomprehensible text].

**Hmmm… I need a saving grace here. OKAY!**
Me: But magazines and many women think she is really beautiful.
Her: Well, I don’t!

**A back and forth battle royal for me to redeem myself only drives the stake even deeper which lands in the ultimate**
Her: OKAY, you can take your foot out of your mouth now.
Me: Hm. Touche.

Exit: Stage far away but the same place.

The Not So Fly Spanish Fly

Scene: A bar full of pub crawlers

Me: You’re not Hispanic!
Her: Text in Spanish.
Me: Hm. Sure but, still I’m from Miami I have lots of Spanish friends and I can tell for sure! That you are not Hispanic.
Her: More incomprehensible text in Spanish.
Me: OKAY man, whatever, I just know for a fact that you aren’t Spanish. You sound like a true bred white-girl.
Her: What is it!? My accent?
Me: Yes, You sound like you’re from the states full on.
Her: Whatever man. You’re just a hater.
Me: ME! A hater, no way! You just don’t sound Spanish, that’s all I’m saying.
**Lingering conversation with me raggin’ on this girls accent**

**Cycle to later in the night**
Me: Hey, what’s up!?
Her: Get away from me, you were knocking on my accent all night and now you want to say whats up, no way hater.
Me: Eh.

Exit: Red light district

Rush Hour Power Part 1

Scene: A dance club in the city

**OK, I’m going for it, I’ve gotta use that line I heard in Rush Hour 3 before I jet from this place**
Friend: So Marlon… [I didn’t hear word after that, as I became so focused on pouncing this chick with the line, it was like tunnel vision]
Me: Hey man! I’ll be right back, excuse me.

Me: Hi, I know you probably won’t understand a word of what I’m saying but, I think you’re the most beautiful girl in this club tonight.
Her: Thank you but, I think there are other much better looking girls.
Me: Whoa, you speak English. Hm.
Her: Yes and also German and some Spanish, I love Spanish the most.
Me: Cool man, I’m from Miami, lots of Spanish speakers there. I do need to learn some German though.
**She had some text on Deutsch I won’t mention**

**Fast-forward some time later**
Me: Hey, we are going to take off, we should exchange numbers.
Her: No…
Me: Huh? Aw, come on.
Her: No…

Exit: To mi casa.

Rush Hour Power Part 2

Continuing my streak of excellence in the realm of reciting bad pickup lines from movies, I endured further to complete what I have learned.

Scene: A grand scale outdoor techno party, complete with dirt/sand and great weather

Me: Hey buddy, I think this chick over there is like eyeballing me and is going to come over…
Her: Hi! [some text in German]
Me: Hey! Do you speak English?
**With a grand British accent**
Her: Yes, I do. How are you?
Me: Im doing fine and you?

**Small talk, yada yada, which turns into me wanting to spurt my random though**
Me: I just wanna pour honey all over your body and lick it off.
Her: But, then I will be all sticky!
Me: Yea, that’s why I’ll lick it off.

^^This conversation surprising ran longer than I expected^^

Exit: Dirt trail to civilization (why conform, hell yes I still use ‘z’ instead of ‘s’, suck it!)