Raspberry Pi 2 Project Beginnings

A quick post today to update our visitors that I’ve ordered and received a Raspberry Pi 2 kit in the mail from NewEgg recently. *It was on sale via their site (great area of NewEgg by the way)

I’m not sure what project I’ll attack but I’ve seen a couple of really cool ones out there that peaked my interest, yet I think I’ll take my own unique approach to his and keep everyone updated once I get the ball rolling.

Computing Desktop PC

Windows 10 Launching on 29th July 2015!


After long last, we have an official update from Windows 8 and not just the lazy additions that 8.1 brought to the table but a full fledged upgrade to the Windows operating system in the form of Windows 10.

Don’t let the lack of a Windows 9 operating system weight too heavy on your mind for the time being, that is something that will be answered around the same time that Dre drops Detox so, it should be real soon that we’ll come to understand why Microsoft went from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

For those users who have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 the upgrade to Windows 10 is free and you should have already received an alert informing you that you are eligible for an update! For those users with illegitimate copies, you know damn well that you ain’t gonna receive no update message bitches. Anyone still on Windows 8, the upgrade to Windows 8.1 is free and you should have already done so quite some time ago which is why there isn’t any details on upgrade process for Windows 8 users because y’all are already on Windows 8.1…

I for sure will welcome this upgrade and build on the Windows ecosystem minus the gaming console; I’m a Playstation fan and having two consoles with two subscriptions doesn’t seem financially sound to me, maybe a Wii U.

Well, that’s all for this post, sit tight for the next great operating system that will take gaming and productivity to the next level!!!!

Computing Web


Can’t get into your WordPress admin page?

Computing PS3

PS3 Streaming: Flac, MP3, Avi and so on. A short guide.

This is a very small and simple guide on how to set your PS3 to stream music files (flac included!), video and even pictures. You can also copy these files to your PS3.
What is needed:
PS3 Media Server
Wifi Connection


Share or Rent Exotic Cars on the CHEAP!

As I was browsing through one other blog on the web I came across a website called HiGear which tailors to those who are looking to rent a sports car or to share their sports car. Their tagline states ‘Peer to Peer Car Sharing Club for Luxury and Exotic Car Rentals’.

Hi Gear
HiGear Exotic Car Rentals and Sharing

Gateway HD2200/HD2201 Monster

Finally, I’m getting this review/article up about an pretty good monitor. It was first drafted in April 2008! Please have a read and enjoy.

This monitor has been nothing but GREAT! since I have purchased it a short few weeks ago. The picture quality is superior, web viewing is excellent, image editing, etc. etc. the list goes on and on about how well this monitor looks/performs. If you live close to a Best Buy go and check out the Gateway High Definition (HD) 2200/2201 Monitors they have available [probably no longer in stores and replaced by far better monitors at this point at cheaper prices].

Using the Gateway HD2200/2201 as a replacement for my previous HP F2107 has been one of the greatest decisions I have made in a long time, high resolution gaming and it has been easy on my eyes for extended viewing periods. If you haven’t read my post of the plights of my usage with the HP monitor you can find that here, enjoy my misery. The Gateway monitor has done it’s role very well over the years, through traveling with me across the world since the last one (1) year when I moved to Europe.

Currently, I primarily use the monitor as an extension of my Dell XPS M1730 gaming machine to watch movies and work on some light web development plus blogging. I rarely play games anymore through the extension of this screen as the resources of current gen games is fairly taxing on the aging hardware in my XPS (I do/did find some time to play a bit of Dead Space, BioShock, and C&C: RA3 — lots of Starcraft: Broodwar has been had on the XPS but that doesn’t really count too much as any system can run that game now.)

The only problem/gripe I have with this monitor is the touch sensitive controls for the menu navigation, either I have extra greasy fingers or some fingers that don’t produce the energy necessary to register a ‘touch’ to the power button for the screen to turn off/on or the menu to select the proper options that I want/need. Nonetheless, after some frustrating tags of the monitor from different angles, I eventually get the Gateway HD to cooperate and do what I want it to do.

Gateway has done an exceptional job with this monitor and I commend them for that, but please! resolve this issue of my touch sensitive controls so I don’t spend 30 seconds+ trying to turn the screen on/off!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this monitor to anyone as a 4 out of 5 star monitor.

Computing Printers

Brother HL-2170W Laser Printer, Configuration and Review.

Well I needed a good laser printer for windows that was wireless, so I did my homework and found out mostly all reviews were positive on a Brother HL-2170W. I purchased the printer and seen how it said “Easy Installation.” Yea, it would have been if it included a few simple configs in the manual!

Computing Desktop PC

Trouble with Gateway GT5220 and a short review

My friend Nic22 recently posted this as a comment, but I thought it would be more convenient for people who actually have this pc or consider purchasing it to read his review and problems.


HP F2105 the first hand review :-)

This was a great monitor, until i hooked it up….. Journey of the HP F2105 — This is not a guide to resolving that pesky green line in the screen issue, I’m afraid. The solution to that problem for me was to purchase a new monitor :-/

Computing Hard Disk Drive

New 500GB hard drive, Seagate(ST3500641AS-RK) SATA/300

Well I just installed me a new 500GB internal hard drive. It took me awhile to decide on which manufacturer to go with, but this Seagate comes with a 5 year limited warranty and was on sale at a good price. In other words, I just couldn’t pass it up. I really wanted a 1TB hard drive, but the price just didn’t make sense. What I mean is I seen 1TB drives for around $300, 750GB for $200+ then I got my 500GB for $104. I was satisfied with my deal. Time to install.