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SkyDive Fremont, CA

Skydiving in Fremont California

Key West Travel

Skydive Key West, FL

My Skydiving adventure in Key West, FL


Check out some good music

Giving props and posts to my boy Lu S. and JL, check them out


2007 MazdaSpeed 6 Dyno Run

My Speed6 on the Dyno in West Miami

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Can’t get into your WordPress admin page?


How To Fix: Bricked Dell Streak 5

  • Have you rushed out to get the ‘new’ Gingerbread ROM [Android 2.3.3] onto your Dell Streak 5?
  • Did you experience a stuck or fixed Dell Logo for greater than 5 minutes without loading?

You have come to the right place because I experienced the exact same problem with my Dell Streak 5 when attempting to flash Gingerbread! It took me a few days to un-brick my phone but finally I am back to a functioning phone – without Gingerbread 2.3.3 though but at least it works!

This walk-through hopes to guide you through the process to get your phone back into working order again.

XBOX 360

Bought a Used XBOX360

Just a few days ago I was bored and browsing and came across an ad for an XBOX360 with 8 Games, one controller and all cables (power, av) inclusive for 140$! I figured, what the hell… Let me offer this guy 100$ and see if he bites.

Sure enough, he did and for 100$ I’m in the game. Only one problem with the system and that is that it is sometimes quirky to open the Disc Drive, I have had to often turn the system off and then on again to get the drive to respond. What the hell, anyways only 100$ and the drive opens more often than not so I’m fair game for what I received.

I’ll come around and update this post with pix and the games list. Also, the controller is wirelss and PINK!


CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Bonus Bucks Answers

1. Australians are expected to splurge A$7.88 billion on pet care services and products in the 2011-2012 financial year. How much are they spending on food per year, according to market research firm IBIS?
B. A$ 2.8 billion

2. London Metal Exchange is being courted as a possible acquisition target, according to its CEO, Martin Abbott. Which major financial institution now owns a 9.5 percent stake in the exchange?
A. Goldman Sachs

3. According to’s Best Places to Work on Wall Street, who is the “king” of Wall Street?
A. Jamie Dimon


CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Bonus Bucks Answers

1. A World War II-era British merchant vessel recently found wrecked off the coast of Ireland looks likely to contain the largest haul of shipwrecked precious metal in history. What is the metal?
C. Silver

2. Standard and Poor’s warned on CNBC on Tuesday (9/27/2011) that Chinese property firms could face a severe liquidity crunch if sales drop by what percentage?
D. 30%

3. What is the top office pet peeve for workers around the world?
B. People not taking ownership for their actions



CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Bonus Bucks Answers

1. How much did Singapore spend to host the just concluded F1 grand prix?
D. None of the above

2. Switzerland recently set a limit for the Swiss franc’s appreciation against the euro. What was that limit, of francs to euros?
A. 1.20

3. According to the CNBC Explains video on hedge funds, most of them are set up as:
B. Limited partnership