April 5th, 2008 1 min to read

Update on my Stebel Nautilus Horn

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Well I installed my Stebel Nautilus Horn and the results are positive. First off the installation was pretty easy, if you have an easy place to mount it. The time it took to install was about 45 mins. I should have been able to install it in less than 30 mins, but I had to modify a bit and trying to tighten up the bolt was a bit tedious because of the radiator in the way. The positive about this air horn is of course it is louder than the factory horn and I did manage to scare one person for trying to cut me off 🙂 . Now I am not going to go around blowing for no reason, but this car did cut me off and when I blew it, they just stayed there for a few seconds not doing anything(I don’t know why). I am happy with my Stebel Horn, but I did come across a site which surprised me with train horns hooked up to their ride and they actually sell the kit to install on your car. The website Hornblasters is a must visit and I am considering to purchase one of these kits. After viewing some of the videos they posted you can’t help but laugh. If I ever purchase one of those kits I will make an update here and post the results, but for now I am happy with my lil air horn.

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    kristy April 8th, 2008

    sounds like I might need to do an upgrade too!