March 30th, 2015 0 min to read

Playstation Music featuring Spotify on PS4

Category : Gaming, PS4

For music fans and audio heads (I won’t go so far as audiophiles), Sony’s PS4 has now introduced a new app called Playstation Music that features the first music streaming entry as Spotify.

The Playstation Music app with Spotify is an amazing solution to listening to background music while playing a game or just to have in the background during a shing-dig or small gathering at your place.

You can control the volume of the app by pressing the PS button on your controller and adjusting the volume from there.

Signing into your Spotify account will provide you with your playlist to play through the PS4.

For more details visit Playstation Music

This is definitely one app that I am happy to see come up on my PS4! Can’t wait for the next surprise in Sony’s Playstation repertoire. Thanks Playstation!