Raspberry Pi 2 Project Beginnings


A quick post today to update our visitors that I’ve ordered and received a Raspberry Pi 2 kit in the mail from NewEgg recently. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA5YB34Y2087 *It was on sale via their http://flash.newegg.com/ site (great...


Playstation Music featuring Spotify on PS4

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For music fans and audio heads (I won’t go so far as audiophiles), Sony’s PS4 has now introduced a new app called Playstation Music that features the first music streaming entry as Spotify.


PS4 MVP Closed Beta Update 2.50beta

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I recently received a notification on my PS4 regarding an MVP software closed beta update. The update has performed well and introduces a couple of good features that I’d like to share such as...


Talent Exchange Closure

I recently received an email from the Talent Exchange network that I had my resume details posted to for earlier career searches that states the closure of the service. I haven’t used the service...