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Chat with Friends – Waynes World, Keebler Elf, and more…

September 7th, 2014 0 min to read

Chat with Friends – Waynes World, Keebler Elf, and more…

Category : Miscellaneous

I would like to introduce a series that highlights some chats I have with my long-time best friend Adam. Below begins the journey. ...

May 4th, 2014 0 min to read

Talent Exchange Closure

Category : Miscellaneous

I recently received an email from the Talent Exchange network that I had my resume details posted to for earlier career searches that states the closure of the service. I haven’t used the service in quite some time so this comes as a surprise. For those interested take a look at the message from Talent Exchange of the closure ...

September 23rd, 2011 0 min to read

What is KC Tea and How to Make It

Category : Miscellaneous

Well… If you don’t know what KC Tea is, you came to the right place because we are gonna set you right. KC Tea – Kansas City [Iced] Tea, brought from the great man and rapper Tech N9ne. To set you straight, first start off with Hennessy Cognac, you’ll need 2 shots of this Sprite Twist a Lemon and if you don&#...

September 19th, 2011 1 min to read

CDC Zombie Preparedness Guide – Zombie Apocalypse

Category : Miscellaneous

Be Prepared! If you were wondering about a quick reference guide on what to do in case flesh eating, brain munching dead heads come wandering to your door step, then look no further! The CDC has a nice, to the point, overview to get you prepared for the outbreak. No, don’t hide yo wife or hide yo kids, there ain’t no rap...

September 18th, 2011 0 min to read

2011 Spike TV Scream Awards!

Category : Miscellaneous

The 2011 annual scream awards presented by Spike TV is an honor to those movies and shows that fall into the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comic Books, and Horror categories. The show will air in October after much feedback from the web world with regards to what kinds of films should be included in the awards session. Such films range from the ...

September 16th, 2011 0 min to read

A song to get you in the mood!

Category : Miscellaneous, Music

I just found out about this song and well all I can say is WOW. If this song does not get you in the mood, you must be impotent or something! I shall post the song but be sure that you have access to sex right away! Enjoy! ...

September 13th, 2011 0 min to read

SkyDiving Adventure

Category : Miscellaneous

After weeks of planning to go Skydiving and many failed attempts to check out the company car to get us there, we were finally able to make it over the long holiday weekend of Labor Day. Check out the video! No need to give long speeches about this/that and the other, get right in! A Pic of me and the Gang who went SkyDiving Me an...

August 3rd, 2010 4 min to read

Im In Love with a STRIPPER!

Category : Entertainment, Miscellaneous

So the song goes by T-Pain. I was a fiend to the strip clubs for a good section of my adult life, those were the days. Hahaha! My best friend and I wanted to get out of the house for an evening of fun filled breasts bouncing in our faces and booze creating a stench of bad breath syndrome that would rival that of a sickly homeless ...

July 23rd, 2010 0 min to read

Working on Redesign

Category : Miscellaneous

Sorry for the lack of postings recently, I have been on vacation from work and was in Italy for a few days spending some great quality time with a wonderful person. On that note, once I returned I began tweaking on another project site that Matt and I have been working with since 2001, unfortunately it has consumed much of the rest o...

June 4th, 2010 3 min to read

The comments that leave my mouth…Is it any wonder why I’m always quiet

Category : Amsterdam, Miscellaneous, Travel

The Barrymore Bomb Scene: A crowded bar with loud music **I spot a girl in the bar that looks like she could be a doppelganger for Drew Barrymore** Me: Hey! You know, you look exactly like Drew Barrymore, it is uncanny! Her: OMG! I can’t believe you just compared me to Drew Barrymore!! She is so ugly [some incomprehensible text...