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September 17th, 2008 0 min to read

AMV Berserk: Guts VS Zodd with music Sign

Category : AMV, Anime

Well I made my first AMV for one of my fav anime’s Berserk. Susumu Hirasawa produced the music Sign, which is the same guy who produced all of Berserk’s music. The music is from the PS2 game Chapter of the Millenium Falcon. This music just fits the series. Any Berserk fan will know what I am talking about. You can check o...

May 22nd, 2008 1 min to read

GetBackers anime, a short review

Category : Anime

I was at Best Buy the other day when I decided to pick up an anime that I have not seen yet. As I was looking around I noticed a series called the GetBackers. I read the back of the box and it mainly said how the GetBackers will get anything back that was lost or stolen. That description did not really interest me much so I put it ba...

April 18th, 2008 2 min to read

Flame of Recca anime, a short review

Category : Anime

I love to watch anime, I do not know everything about anime, but I do enjoy watching it during my free time. Some people may dispise anime while others worship it. Although most of the anime I watched have the same concept behind it, I still enjoy watching it, as it is very addicting. I have a small, but growing collection of anime, ...