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Flame of Recca anime, a short review

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I love to watch anime, I do not know everything about anime, but I do enjoy watching it during my free time. Some people may dispise anime while others worship it. Although most of the anime I watched have the same concept behind it, I still enjoy watching it, as it is very addicting. I have a small, but growing collection of anime, some of which include Rurouni Kenshin, Berserk, Samurai Gun, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

Well onto Flame of Recca. I thought this show was great and yes I did watch it in the english dub. However, there was a few bad points to this anime. Firstly, I think this show would have been much better if it had not seemed “rushed” and at times it was predictible. When I say “rushed” I mean everything happened all to fast, for those who seen this may or may not agree with me. Secondly, the dialogue of the show at times seemed a bit boring. Finally, the production was somewhat horrible at times and seemed low budget. I remember seeing some characters with fat legs and no detail to it at all. I also remember seeing blood on some characters and then a few scenes later it was gone. I just wish that this show would have been produced a bit better. With that said, I still think this anime was great and I would recommend this to any anime lover. I also wanted to mention that this anime reminded me so much of Yu Yu Hakusho. To me this was like a clone of it, with a few slight variations.

I will now explain just a bit about the show as I do not want to say anything that will spoil it. Sorry if it seems a bit boring as I never have reviewed anything before. The main character of the show is Recca Hanabishi, who loves to be like a ninja and wants to know everything about a ninja. Recca mentions to people that if anyone can defeat him, he will pledge his loyalty as a ninja to them. Recca pledges his loyalty to Yanagi Sakoshita for saving him one day. Fuko Kirisawa, who is Recca’s friend, tries everything to defeat him so she can have him as her personal ninja. Domon Ishijima, the guy with the nose ring and mohawk, tries to take Recca down, but to no success. Tokiya Mikagami, who goes to the same school as Recca, tries to kill Recca for his own personal reasons. Kage Hoshi, a mysterious woman in black, appears to know many things and wants to kill Recca if he does not produce a flame from his arm. Recca and his friends later on go on to the Underground Death Tournament to fight and save Yanagi. Throughout this anime everyone except Recca use’s madogu’s (items which give the user special powers) which make it more interesting. This show also has comedy which made it more enjoyable. Well if you like anime definitely check this one out, as long as you can get past the low budget production, you will love it.

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    Marlon T April 30th, 2008

    O0o0o0o! You got a 'trackback' :P

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    Marlon T May 20th, 2008

    I used to watch a ton of anime movies back in the VHS days when the video store had a bunch to rent. I think we watched all of them that our local store had available. Those were the days, but, I still love me some OLS!!

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    Matt R May 20th, 2008

    outlaw star was one damn good anime! that was the anime you introduced me too and after that one I became addicted to anime..before outlaw star it was dragonball z and that was it..damn you! your to blame!!!! :P