March 27th, 2008 2 min to read

A few Pet Peeve’ and drivers in New Orleans

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If there are a few things I can’t stand its weather change and bad drivers. The weather here in New Orleans is usually hot and humid, but today it’s cold. The bad thing about this is yesterday it was hot. I hate having to go from shorts to layers of clothes in one day. Yesterday, it was hot enough to wear shorts, today I need to wear layers of clothes, tomorrow will probably be hot, the next day it will be cold, then the following day I will be at home taking Nyquil and drinking soup because I am sick from the weather change.

Another pet peeve of mine is how people here drive. Now I am not saying everyone down here can’t drive, but it’s the stupid ones I can’t stand. Everyone always seems to be in a rush and need’s to get somewhere fast. I am usually a calm driver, but when stupid people do stupid things the road rage inside of me comes to life. What awakens my road rage are a few things:

1. You could be casually driving in a two lane road. You can be in the right lane and no one could be in the left lane. All of a sudden a car pulls out from a side street and which lane do you think they will go in? The lane with no one driving or my lane? Of course my lane! That’s not all, the driver will get in your lane and then go 5 mph, causing YOU to slam on your breaks.

2. You can be cruising down a 40 going 45-50 and a person behind you starts to tail you. Why would they do this? Not like you’re going BELOW the speed limit. To top it off the other lane’s could be free, but yet that driver wants to stay behind you.

3. You’re driving on the highway going, let’s say 70-80. Down here most highway’s are 3 lanes, sometime’s 2 or 4, but let’s stick with the 3. You could be in the left lane(which is usually for the faster cars to drive) and cruising at your 70-80 and a car all the way in the right lane decides to get in your lane and go 50 MPH. WHY? Is it to slow you down or to piss you off?

4. High beams. Why do people drive down a lighted road with high beams? I can honestly say some people may not even know they have them or how to turn them off, but seriously it is aggravating!

Now I could go on and on about this, but I think I will stop there. So what gives you road rage? I would love hear it. I also thought of something I could do to get back at those drivers. My solution for now? An upgraded air horn. I purchased a Stebel Nautilus Horn. This compact air horn contains twin horns connected directly to the compressor and puts out 139 dB. Once I install the horn I will give an update on the results along with the number of people I scare 😉 .

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    Marlon T March 27th, 2008

    AHAHAH! AHAHAHAHA!!!! Ah man, i know the feeling! Everyone here in miami drives extra slow in the fast lane. WTF, why go into the fast lane and 'cruise'. Also, once it rains here in miami, people become mindless idiots, like a drop of water is going to destroy their car so they have to swerve out of the way of that drop of water to avoid it splashing on their car only to have them ram into the 5 other cars spanning the 4 lanes next to them. Friggin retarded, having me stuck in traffic for 2 hours when I only want to make a 30 minute drive. Goodness gracious.

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    kristy March 28th, 2008

    I know the feeling! Seems as if I am always behind those 'paranoid' drivers.

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    Jeff March 30th, 2008

    HA! road rage you say? I turn into a demon and start blowing my horn until it goes out! nobody wants to mess with me and drive stupid, or you will get it!

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    josh April 1st, 2008

    there is a little bit of road rage in every driver ;) for me, I downshift and blow past them!

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    nic22 April 1st, 2008

    josh, i can agree with you. there is nothing better than down shifting, making the vtec engage on my integra and scaring the crap out of who ever is taking their sweet time doing 45 in a 60 on the I-10. Speaking of horns, Matt and I recently installed a heavy-duty after market horn on our cars because of the "wonderful" new orleans drivers.

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    josh April 5th, 2008

    i know the feeling nic22, with my loud mufflers they get a bit nervous haha! how is the horn? is it loud? if its worth the money i may have to purchase one