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Let’s visit club Nocturnal 2nite… Space’d out?

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To begin, I am a bit behind on this post, as I went out on Saturday night and had to work sunday and had a really long day at work monday, another story in itself. With that out of the way, lets move onto my review of my saturday night clubbing at Nocturnal.

The night started out with me wanting to absolutely, positively get the hell out of the house and do something around Miami that involved drinking and the loud music of the nightlife in miami, with a splash of lovely ladies tossed in ;-). I started making some calls to my friends ,who I know would always be down to go out and party ‘like a rockstar’. I was in luck this weekend as most of them had some plans of hittin’ the club scene, now, it was just a matter of where do I want to go. You see, Miami has quite a few clubs to choose from depending on your lifestyle, i myself am a hip-hop fan. The one friend I chose to hang with that night had a detailed layout of what was going on, good thing! So, he got a call from this chica about it being her birthday and she was having a little house party at her place (pregaming it) before heading out to club Nocturnal, damn good plan!!

I went from my house in the city of cutler ridge over to my friends place just north of here, after I got him, we headed down to our local late night liquor store to stock up on some goodies for the pregame session 😉 very good idea! It took about 10 minutes to get from the liquor spot over to the girls house, it was a real nice place; small one story house in a quiet neighborhood, as we pulled up to the house I could already see a few cars parked outside and the windows were open, I could count the number of people inside; that’s how small the ‘getty’ was. We parked the car, got our game plan going, pretty much go inside and get drunk, then rolled up to the door, I guess someone saw us coming since the door opened as soon as we were about to knock.

In we go! Immediately my friend knows a few people, while i’m trying to introduce myself to everyone in the room, I have a horrible memory; therefore, i remembered noones name that I met that night, except for the person of importance (the birthday girl! :-D). Everyone already ‘eyed’ the bottle of Grey Goose that we brought in the door, just waiting for us to settle in and make the announcement of, WHO WANTS SOME VODKA!? Once we said that, eyes and ears opened up as well as hands clutching empty cups waiting to be filled with that taste filling vodka/cranberry mixture. Initially, I was yelling for someone to grab some diet coke/coke, after some though process I realized that my my love for Rum/Coke mixutres would not be fulfilled at this moment, I finally remember that we have Vodka and need some damn cranberry juice (SUXORS!). This girl was prepped, she had everything in that damn tiny ass fridge (except alcohol), I was suprised, but did not become deviated from my main goal of being trashed before heading to the club.

Liquor in hand, cranberry in the other, I headed to the table which housed 4-5 boxes of some lame ass pizza and a bottle of god awful tequila and started pouring my own drink first half/half, though for sure to get me a bit tipsy before we rode out to the club. I put the bottle down after making my fill and started chatting with some other folks in the house, everyone looked like they were in high school; I think to myself, shit, I’m going to jail tonight. Luckily for me they were all over 18 and in college, hahahahaha :-P. So, after assessing the situation and coming to the conclusion that everyone is at least a high school graduate, I try to navigate back to the vodka bottle for a refill of my drink, though not empty it is a bit weak, only to find that the bottle is only 1/4 filled!! WTF! I was away from the bottle for the better part of 30 minutes, ~10 people and a regular sized bottle of vodka doesn’t last very long, go figure :-/. My plight behind me, I began on my second goal, figuring out when the hell we are leaving to hit up the club. Only minutes later, we started to head out. It was a maelstrom trying to figure out who was going with whom, damn, I didn’t want to drive, but I also didn’t want to ride bitch. So, I said f-it and went in my car, I know what your thinking, just null that from your mind now :-D.

Took us about 20 minutes to get to the club and all of 5 minutes to find parking, during the drive over I find out one of the girls has a kid and is ‘married’; I say married because I saw no ring ;-). Driving/Parking, its time to party, so far i’ve spent er about 30 dollars (10 on parking/20 on liquor), after waiting for the group to rally up we headed for the club entrance. Once we got there, I remember that one of my friends was going to the neighboring club; Club Space, and he had free entrance before 1AM – it was now 12AM. WOOT! I immediately say, yo! Let’s goto club space, FREEEE!!! Joyous screams could be heard, but, amongst those screams were some sighs. Why the sighs you ask? Well, some of the people in the group were UNDER 21!! I don’t know if they were drinking or not, but, I didn’t pay attention to that. I said to my friend; ‘Yo, I don’t know any of these people and I drove, I’m going to club space… FREEEEEEE entry.’ We both get in after waiting outside for like 15-20 minutes. He responds, ‘Man, I can’t leave that girl like that’. He said that after much debate and internal struggles, so it wasn’t just some bitch made move that he said right away, but, I forgot what he said in between, it ended up at that. And with that, we walked out of the club and back into the sea of people waiting to get inside their respective clubs.

DAMNIT! ‘Well,’ he says. ‘Everyone can get into nocturnal if we buy two bottles and a table for 400$’. Hmm…. How much would i have to throw in? ‘Like 10/20 bux’. Eh, okay, I’ll join the party at Nocturnal, i’ve never been there before. We begin walking over to club Nocturnal, they all have pretty destraught looks on their faces and they are hastily counting the same wad of bills over and over again. As soon as we reach the group they ask us if one of us has a credit card to put the tab onto, I dunno what I was thinking, but I said ‘YEA, I do’. Stupid me :(. ‘OMG OMG! Can you put it on your card and I pay you back later?’ the birthday girl says with sad puppy dog eyes. Okay, I guess, when am i going to get my cash back!? ‘I get paid next week!’ Eh, okay, i guess. So, off we go and 400$ onto my credit card. Once inside, it was a small dark club (like all other clubs in miami), but, this one was really REALLY! HOT! I was sweating profusely as soon as we got to our table and i couldn’t stand it. From that moment, I hated the club.

It has three floors, top floor was House, first floor was rock or something, maybe more house, second floor was hip-hop/spanish music.

Check out the pix i took from that night here!

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    Matt R March 27th, 2008

    seems as if you had a good time..any luck in getting laid? haha

  • avatar image
    Marlon T March 27th, 2008

    I always have a good time when I go out ;-). One should never kiss and tell :-P

  • avatar image
    kristy March 28th, 2008

    Hello Marlon, which one are you in the pictures? Oh and you should answer Matt R's question! :)

  • avatar image
    Jeff March 30th, 2008

    seems i may have to visit miami! wheres the hot girls at?