July 14th, 2010 0 min to read

Mega Man Live Action Movie

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Yes, there was actually an live action fan made movie of Mega Man, and I have had the ‘pleasure’ of giving this one a watch you can check some more reviews and an actual IMDB posting on the web alongside this there is an actual website of the Mega Man movie, though I’m not sure it should warrant such overexposure and the website looks much better than the movie.

For all the glory of the Mega Man series, this video stays true the characters and doesn’t go over the top with the action scenes. The film does a pretty good job of staying more focused on the story of Mega Man and building on the characters of Dr. Wiley, Mega Man, Rolly, Dr. Light, and Blue. I’ll be the first to say that I just really played the games through and through the get to the end and claim victory over all else, thus disregarding any storyline that was being attempted to be run through my thick skull. The end result was always me bashing the game and failing to defeat Dr. Wiley in the end.

All that said and done, I wouldn’t recommend this movie to friends unless I’m in a foul mood and want to be a bit devious to any one in particular 🙂 I do commend the creator of this film for putting in the time and effort to create costumes, story, and some depth that don’t have me wanting to destroy my computer screen and retina at the same time just to say I was blind of any visuals from this movie.

If you’ve got the time and patience, you can watch the entire movie below or you can go to their site or wherever you would like on the web.

MegaMan is a non-profit fan film. This film is for entertainment purposes only. MegaMan is the creation of Capcom Entertainment.

PS: I love Vimeo as a source for user created video content over that of YouTube.