March 23rd, 2008 0 min to read

PS3…I own it… But, have no time to play it :(

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What is it to splurge on a 400 dollar gaming system (Thanks CL!) only to clean it every once in a while since it is collecting dust from not being used/abused! I have purchased 3 games for this system and have accomplished beating two of the three, such easy games. The third game i own is Assassins creed, this game seems to be a time consumer and I have yet to sit down and experience the full extent of its glory. I have read reviews from many different websites, magazines and have seen tv reviews of this game, but
, I have not had a chance to sit down and play it. I have only watched my brother play this one for a few hours (they fly by once you get into the game), ever since that one day, it has been sitting on my dresser top collecting dust like my system. Anyone want a lightly used PS3 ?! :'( HAHA, hell no would I give this thing away.

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    Jeff March 30th, 2008

    GOOD GAME! I played for hours, one of my fav

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    josh April 1st, 2008

    agreed. good game and I beat it after a couple days playing non-stop. yep I was addicted to it! assassins creed was one of the best games on ps3 so far!