May 24th, 2008 4 min to read

Nocturnal… YET AGAIN

Category : Clubbing, Miami

Don’t ask me howwwwwwwwwwww, but, somehow i ended up once again trying to get into this club. A club in which I did not enjoy myself the first time, a club in which I was so trashed that the girl that I got her number from was not as ‘cute’ as I thought when I was in the club, a club in which it was so damn hot and crowded that I was dripping with sweat, you get the idea! This club just never left a good taste in my mouth at all.

But, I was there for this girls birthday party and my friend invited me out, so I felt it fit that I see this night through without incident or being an a**hole to everyone and peacing out early. The night all started out with me as usual calling around to find out what everyone was up to, always ending up to find out no one either wants to do anything or already has something preplanned for the evening that I can’t get in on (BS! If I ever heard it :-P) After numerous calls around my friend Reef let’s me know that he’s got this party going on for this chicks birthday at the club. NICE! ‘What club?’ I ask. ‘Nocturnal’ he responds. I think for a moment… Well, nothings going on anyways, might as well give this place another chance. ‘Cool, I’m down’ I respond. I then give my friend Reece a call and let him know the deal, he’s down as well. Great, I’ve got something planned for the night and the wheels are in motion for something to happen, whether or not it is good I’m just glad to get the hell out of the house.

The night begins, probably around 1030pm, I head out to Reece’s house to get him and then to meet up with Reef afterwards close to the University of Miami (UM). Reef has to go to BFE to get this chick who was in desperate need to get out of her pad to chill. Reece and I get to UM early, if you call 11pm early, and have to wait for a minute before we get the final call from Reef that he’s like 15 minutes away. 30 minutes later, still no sign and we met up with a part of the group going out which happens to be the birthday girl group. Turns out the birthday girl is Reece’s ex! AHAHAHAHAH!!!! I die laughing, and continue laughing, I think I shed a tear from laughing so much. After I settle down, Reef showed up with the rest of the gang and we head out to the club with about 3 cars of people. I’m no speed racer, so, I just cruise while they headed to the club at breakneck speed. It took about 20-30 minutes to get to the club, so, it’s almost 12AM mind you.

Parking is no easy task as it’s a dirt lot with gravel and it’s not even really a parking lot more so than a construction yard. I’ve got a car that is lowered 2 inches and has a body-kit, my car doesn’t really love me after parking in such heinous terrain, takes about 10 minutes for me to baby the ride around the lot in order to park it properly. We park, then head off to the club entrance, with the idea that we are on the ‘guest list’ to get in no problem. As we are walking over to the entrance of the club Reece bumps into a ‘friend’ of his that is a ‘club promoter’ that says he can get us into the club cheap/free (at this point I’m hoping free! but at the same time don’t care). We finally get to the front of the club and the whole time Reece’s friend was letting us know that he can get us in no problem. 30 minutes go by, the ‘friend’ says ’10 more minutes, I’ll get you all in no problem’. About an hour of hearing this guy say ’10 more minutes’, I decided I was fed up, Reef told me to go into the line for the other club A+ or some crazy name like that (pretty damn ghetto club!) I proceed to the line for the other club and shortly thereafter everyone gave in and we ended up getting into that club after a short wait in line outside.

We ended up staying at the club A+ for quite a while as they had some good reggae jams going on along with a splash of hip-hop/rap music now and again between spins of reggae. The people in the club weren’t too snobby either, mainly black peeps with some white people here and there, they weren’t as ghetto behaving inside as it looked from outside of the club, I’ve been to some ghetto clubs before and this one was one or two steps above those since the people didn’t riot if you slipped up and stepped on their shoes. Overall, I’d rather chill in club A+ than Nocturnal any night!