August 6th, 2008 1 min to read

NAPA Valley Wine Tasting Fest

Category : Miscellaneous

So, as everyone has seen I’m in San Francisco, CA for upper-level/management training for my job. It’s been great here in San Francisco learning new things and working very hard during the week doing 10-12 hour days gathering as much knowledge that I can before heading back to Miami, FL to help the organization to head in the direction they want, but, what do I do when I am not training and working really hard?

The weekends were meant to have fun and this isn’t a vacation, but, I’m not going back to Miami only to say I trained really hard and didn’t get to see the sights that this great state of California has to offer, so, enjoy some tastes of what I have come to enjoy about California on the weekends.

The NAPA weekend event was one of the greater events that I have enjoyed as the valley weather was likeness of what I would experience back home (minus the absurd humidity), nice, warm, clear skies, good people and LOTs of WINE! and CHAMPAGNE! hahaha.

First and foremost this trip was planned and executed by one of our coworkers and it went off without a hitch. We rented a party bus for the day and the driver was one of the most experienced in the field as he knew the best spots to head over to for tasting the wines that NAPA has to offer as well as good spots to purchase goodies to eat, on top of that he brought us to a great picnic spot for lunch, the view was really beautiful.


3 Years later and I don’t have it in me to remember what happened after that lunch!