September 15th, 2008 2 min to read

Spilled drinks anyone?

Category : Miami

The night started out fairly innocent enough, not!

Scene – Loading up in the Mazda 6
Me: Let’s go guys

*Everyone gets into the car. It’s me, greg, randy, david.

Me: How can I possibly do that, man?! Buckle up peoples.

Greg/David laughing in the background.

Me: Aite, yalls ready to ride, where to first?
Randy: We gotta get the tickets from this guys house on bird rd., it’s right by the highway.

*Stop at Fox’s Lounge first. Then we start heading to the house on Bird Rd. driving in an east/west direction towards the highway.

Me: Look at these homos in the Mercedes, I think they wanna race.
Randy: Yea man. lets run em!
Greg: Ah shit. Buckle up tight.
David: It’s a Mercedes.
Me: Fuck it, it’ll be fun/funny.

*We start flying down Bird road, driving next to this Mercedez Benz.

Me: Hahaha, they’re slowing down.

Greg/Randy/David laughing

Randy: They don’t want none

*Apparently not, as they slowed down due to the massive railroad tracks crossing the streets and creating the largest ‘speed bump’ in the face of history!

*We are still cruising pretty quick on Bird rd as we come up to the railroad tracks, seconds later I look forward

The car is now officially airborne! EVERYONE inside the car is somehow airborne!! It’s like everything is in slow motion inside the car.

I am able to look back and see Randy, cup still in hand… Liquid boldly flying in the air…

The car lands, with what I would believe to be after 1-2 seconds of being airborne. We slam to the ground keep cruisin’ like nothing happened.

*The Benz pulls up next to us, still cruisin’ and signals that we did actually go airborne and they continue to laugh profusely at us. Touche douche bags, touche…

Greg: AH SHIT!!
Randy: WTF Man! I told you not to let me spill my drink.
Me: My bad man. *laughing
David: Damnn.. Those guys pointed out that we were flyin’. Wowwwww….

*Apparently, I spilt Randys drink. HAHA! All over the car and all over Greg mainly. LOL! David, Randy and I escaped, unschathed mind you. I’d say only minor droplets here or there could be found on us. But it seemed as though Greg had been swimming in that cup.

We continue the night and Gregs shirt dries rather quickly and to everyones amazement cleanly as well. Clorox anyone? 😉