October 12th, 2009 3 min to read

Today was a BAD DAY!

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I don’t even want to talk about it because it’s making me sick. IT’S MAKING ME SICK! But there is one thing I must say and I will.
Nothing at all went right today. The main objective my friend and I had to do was get a press release done, didn’t happen. First, the library was closed. Of all days, it had to be today. They had some kind of meeting. Meeting at a library? What the hell for? Clean up? Stack books? Ah the hell with it. Well next on the list I had an errand to run. Before that my friend had to run in wal-mart to pick up a few things, hell we were already near it, so why not? He got what he needed and we proceeded to the SPEEDY checkout. Not so speedy today. The cashier must have known the guy because they were deep in a conversation. Then the guy pulls out a checkbook, gotdammit who writes checks nowadays? 5 minutes later its our turn, 20 seconds later were walking out the door.

Now its time to run that errand. Log into sprint gps and get an error. I guess its the clouds because it was very cloudy, I mean it can’t be the good reliable sprint service? Well let me get the directions using yahoo or google. Yahoo gave me the address so I used that for google maps. Followed the directions and got lost. I looked again at the google balloon and it said we were at the destination. Well I was at a church but thats not where we needed to be. Circled around, up and down the streets, dead ends. Checked google pages to see if yahoo gave me the wrong address. Nope same address. So what happened? Called up the place and found out the address changed. Well thank you yahoo and google for not updating your yellow pages.

After running the errands we decided to go to our old college UNO, to use the internet and library there. It starts raining, bad, real bad. Finally made it to UNO, parked, ran to library, and got wet. It’s ok, cause now we can finish up that PR. Open up our laptops, connect to internet, now we have to login. Didn’t have to login before so we used our old school id and pw’s, got access for a minute. Logged out. Tried again, 1 minute later it logged us out. Great, this was a waste of time. Left the library, went to the car and got wet again.

Going down elysian fields to get onto the i-10. Still raining the streets looked pretty bad. About 2 blocks before the i-10 we hit gridlocked traffic. I guess there’s flooding ahead. So we decided to go back the other way and take another route. BAD MOVE. Going back to UNO a Trailblazer almost rammed us, for what reason I don’t know. After that the street was flooded. Cars going up the median to avoid going through the water. Why not, we decided to go back the other way, went up the median and got stuck. Forward, reverse, forward, reverse, nothing worked. It just kept on digging a hole. Now how did the other cars get through? Well the one spot we used had a big mud hole that was impossible to see. Well at least it stopped raining. Nothing else we could do so we called a friend to bring his truck, and just waited. So many people kept passing by, starring, stopping, and rubbernecking. Whatever. About 10 minutes later someone knocked on our window. Some spanish guy, who could barely speak english said ‘I can help push.’ We tried it, but it didn’t work. We thanked the guy for trying and told him we are waiting for someone to come, so he left and went his way. Our friend came and got us out in about 5 mins. That was enough for one day.

What I wanted to say will be said now. For everyone that starred at the blue civic si parked on the median, FUCK YOU! Today was not my day!

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    Marlon T October 13th, 2009

    LOL! Nope, it really wasn't your day. Why didn't you check why the internet wasn't working @ school? Is that a 99 Civic Si? Got pix?

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    Matt R October 13th, 2009

    the internet probably didnt work because we dont pay the school money, we graduated they should grant us that but I guess since we are not paying tuition they said screw you. 02 civic si hatchback..yea I got pics but not of last night. dont even wanna remember that day.