October 19th, 2009 1 min to read

Las Vegas 2009 review Part 1 – The Ride

Category : Las Vegas

What a great place to visit. I enjoyed every minute of it and I am planning round 2 soon! It was a wonderful experience, if you can get past the annoying sales people and the card flappers. I am going to review my experience in parts rather than have everything jumbled together. The first part I will talk about is the ride there using Southwest Airlines.

4:30AM alarm goes off. Had to get to airport early since flight was for 7:50AM. Well at the airport it took a good hour to get everything ready and to get seated on the plane. The ride would have been enjoyable if the guy next to me would have shut up. I mean if you see someone putting earphones in their ear, it means what? Not to keep talking thats for sure. Bastard. I really didn’t want to hear how rich he was and how much he gambles. Oh well. The ride was smooth and it took about 3 hours from New Orleans to Las Vegas.

When we landed and exited the plan we got lost at first. We went looking for the place for our luggage and it wasnt easy at first. Inside the airport they had some sections that had slot machines and sure enough people on it. After we found our luggage we went to find a taxi. The line was so small, only about 3 groups in front of us. We needed a van because of our group and luggage but the wait wasn’t bad.

The taxi driver was strange. Didn’t say a word or put the A/C on. Asshole! Our destination was The Luxor. From the McCarran International Airport to The Luxor it took about 15 to 20 minutes. Well we arrived at The Luxor and now the fun begins. In part 2 I will talk about the stay at The Luxor.