January 28th, 2010 0 min to read

This time really! – India!

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I am going to India! hahahaha! So, I got my India visa when I went back to the states for holiday and have finalized my travel date of 30th Jan (this sunday!).

I’ll try to get as many pictures as possible to share 😀 Should be an entertaining little journey.

-Peace for now. Marlon

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    iyengar January 29th, 2010

    oh yeah? well then if you are coming to bangalore then i may have couple of items i need from newegg.. let me know if you can favour me Ram

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    Marlon T January 29th, 2010

    yes. that is so. unfortunately, i will be coming from Germany :-S and heading to Jaipur via Delhi. -Marlon

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    iyengar February 2nd, 2010

    Jaipur is a good city for sure..Just checking on where r u right now...Planning south India?