August 7th, 2010 1 min to read

All Time Greatest Game Villain – Gamespot Poll

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So, this day, I received an email from Gamespot letting visitors know that they are able to cast a vote for the All Time Greatest Game Villain. Be wary about voting, as you need to be a member of their site in order to cast your vote and are unable to do so anonymously.

A little insert from their site:

GameSpot’s All-Time Greatest Game Villain is your chance to immortalize the greatest villains in the history of video games. Enter your own bracket of villains starting August 12, then be sure to come back on August 26 to vote for the rogues and rapscallions you think should move on each round. The villains that get the most votes will advance toward the ultimate victory – being crowned the single baddest bad guy ever. Can you pick the greatest game villain of all time?

Essentially, you – the viewer, will have the option of choosing between 24 different bad guys that will then be whittled down to an overall group of 10 villains for inclusion in the main bracket that seems to have already been sorted by Gamespot staff themselves (correct me if I’m wrong here people).

Personally, I cast my vote for ‘Lavos’ as I spent hours upon hours playing Chrono Trigger and it still reigns supreme as my favorite RPG of all time. Speaking of which, I should take some time to revisit that one again!

Lavos - Chrono Trigger

So, Sign up and cast your vote people… I wouldn’t mind if you helped by voting for Lavos, either 😉

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