September 14th, 2011 1 min to read

PS3 Streaming: Flac, MP3, Avi and so on. A short guide.

Category : Computing, PS3

This is a very small and simple guide on how to set your PS3 to stream music files (flac included!), video and even pictures. You can also copy these files to your PS3.
What is needed:
PS3 Media Server
Wifi Connection

Basically, all you need to do is install the PS3 Media server onto a computer. I use my desktop because I leave it on all the time so I will always have access to it. All the PS3 Media Server does is stream whatever files you have on your computer to be able to view or listen to on your PS3. You need the WiFi connection so your PS3 can connect to your computer. Once you have the media server installed on your computer and have it set to your folders you can see an icon called PS3 Media Server on your ps3 under Videos, Pictures and Music. If you click on the media center under the Music category (on your ps3) you will only be able to view music files. I really enjoy this program because I can now store my videos onto my computer and stream it from my ps3. Also, I can listen to my FLAC files on my PS3 as it transcodes it on the fly. There is a small lag in the start of the song but it doesnt skip or lag while its streaming. Thats pretty much it, just install the software(its free!), load it up, select the folders you want to view on your ps3 and thats it!
So if your like me and have a bunch of music and video files on your computer and have a ps3 you definitely would benefit from this neat program!