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Do you want to live in Europe? That is the question…

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It begins… My life of living the laid back lifestyle in Miami at home with Mom & Dad is no longer. I need to strike out! On my own and see what the world has to offer and I tell you my friends, it’s no picnic 😛

I get a call from the higher ups asking if I would like to move to Europe (anywhere in Europe mind you). I take a second to think…
‘Sure, I would like to move to Europe.’ The voice responds ‘Okay, what part, which office would you live to work in?’ This takes more finesse, since I have to weigh out the reason behind being in any particular office, after some moments of thought and ‘juggling the ball’ around in my mind, I land on Berlin.
‘OK! Done. When do you want to go?’ I’m not even sure at this point, things are flying by pretty quickly but, I do know I want to be in town for my brothers graduation so, I respond with ‘I’ll go after my brothers graduation in June. But, also I would like some time off before leaving, like two weeks or so, is that OK?’ a quick response, ‘Yes, not a problem. Be ready to leave after the graduation, when is it?’
I say, ‘It is on June 6th, I believe.’ Short pause. ‘Okay, June 6th is a Saturday… Can you come that Monday, June 8th?’ my response is to the point… ‘Sure, no problem, I can make a flight for that date. Just keep me informed.’
This wasn’t the first time I had been asked the same question so, I didn’t plan accordingly because I thought it would ‘fall through’ again. Boy, was I wrong.
The previous conversation happened around April/May and my previously arranged travel plans of Berlin in June were delayed until July, having me believe it wasn’t/wouldn’t happen.
Come end of June, I had my ticket booked for July 7th and there was no turning back.

I’m in Miami, in my house (parents house, mind you), in my room, thinking… WTF! have I just committed to?! Well, there is no turning back and I have to assess what I do or do not need. I sell the bulk of my larger items and stick to only carrying clothes and a newly purchased DELL XPS M1730 laptop 😉 Everything else… GONE! Car, Gone. LCD TV, Gone. Custom Desktop, Gone. My parents looked at me like I was crazy, I looked back at them and asked ‘Why do I need this stuff?’ they replied ‘Because, when you come back you will have it.’ I responded ‘Um, Okay, It’s not really necessary to have it, in case you guys move and have to lug it around. It is nothing I need now or in the future, I can live without it.’ My parents really didn’t want to see me go or have the fact of knowing that I might never come back but, I’m 26 (at the time of this writing and this transfer happening) and need to finally get something new and different in my life. They should understand, right?

So, I spend the rest of my time in Miami packing, right up until the final hour before leaving for the airport. It’s quite a lot to take in for everyone, people are asking me, ‘Are you scared?’ ‘Do you know German?’ ‘Are you excited?’ ‘Do you know what to expect?’ and my reply is very nonchalant, really just lackadaisical, ‘No, I am not scared’ ‘No, I do not know German but, I plan on learning’ ‘Yes, I know what to expect, lots of hard work’ but, to myself, I can never really answer the question of ‘Are you excited?’ with anything short of a sputter of ‘yea.’ I’m not one to easily become excited over things, it is just the way I am, if you are too excited over something you yield greater disappointment if it doesn’t live up to your expectation level, if you are not excited you can only be surprised and amazed at the great thing you experience throughout your journey.

Those are all questions and responses I give to everyone right until the moment I board the plane and even for the first few weeks as I am living in Berlin.

So, here I am now. Living in Berlin since July 09 and continuing to work and chat with my friends back in the states and meet new people in Berlin. It has been a wonderful experience, both good and bad.

My new life journey doesn’t stop here, it is only the beginning as I have committed myself to go from Europe to Cali, as another life journey stop, and haven’t thought to get back to Miami for living for a while (don’t get me wrong! I love the city, I just didn’t feel that I belonged…) Although, I will definitely visit and party like a rockstar because it is my city… 3-0-5 worldwide, no matter the country, city, state, province, territory, planet, universe, blah blah blah, it’ll be 3-0-5 til I die.

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    Marlon T October 12th, 2009

    I spent all this time writing this blog and now my pizza is cold! And we DON'T have a microwave!! Don't give me that oven excuse either!

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    Matt R October 12th, 2009

    LOL..good story man..