September 8th, 2011 1 min to read

Share or Rent Exotic Cars on the CHEAP!

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As I was browsing through one other blog on the web I came across a website called HiGear which tailors to those who are looking to rent a sports car or to share their sports car. Their tagline states ‘Peer to Peer Car Sharing Club for Luxury and Exotic Car Rentals’.

Hi Gear
HiGear Exotic Car Rentals and Sharing

If you’ve been looking to rent a sports car in your area, then give HiGear a visit.

The site design is good and works well, I have been browsing the site through IE9 and haven’t had any noticeable problems. The service chooses the best/closest zip code from your location and displays results near your area so you don’t really have to muck about trying to find what zip you are in or nearest to – for myself the default radius was set to within 50 miles which is quite a bit as I don’t have transport myself.

I haven’t personally used the HiGear service yet but wanted to flag it up as a potential good service for anyone to try out.

If you have used this site/service, then let us know your thoughts in the comments.