April 6th, 2008 1 min to read

I Love Video Games :-)

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Especially PC games, they really help me to get away from the world and put me into an immersive other world that lets me be who/whatever I want to be. The LAN party saturday was hella fun! I bought/played/placed first (if only for about an hour) in Team Fortress 2 and I didn’t have a ‘high-end’ machine like some of the other guys ;-). Focus and concentration helped to be number 1. My favorite is still BF2, which i played over the net while the others were playing TF2, i got a little tired of it. My friend had Crysis! Friggin baddddddasssss game and his system really showed the true potential of next gen games, all he needed was Vista (UGH!) to get the full experience of DX10 gaming. Someone else at the LAN had Call of Duty 4! MY GAWD! That game looks real, looks much more realistic than Crysis, that is definitely a game to own. My friend also had Bioshock (old, but still good) which holds nothing to the previously mentioned games in terms of gfx. My PS3 still/will not have anything on the power of PC gaming, neither will Xbox and definitely Wii won’t (HAHA!).

I’m no hardcore gamer, but, I do know a thing or two about gaming, especially pc gaming. It’ll suck you out of reality and draw you into another world that is so immersive that you lose track of time and hours become seconds and time doesn’t exist. heh. Can you tell I love videogames?

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    Matt R April 10th, 2008

    reminds me of the HL-CS and unreal tournament days! frag kills and head shots! haha brings back memories :)

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    Jeff April 10th, 2008

    and the warcraft days too! :P

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    Marlon T April 10th, 2008

    It's a good stress reliever, ill tell ya that much.