April 9th, 2008 2 min to read

HP F2105 the first hand review :-)

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This was a great monitor, until i hooked it up….. Journey of the HP F2105 — This is not a guide to resolving that pesky green line in the screen issue, I’m afraid. The solution to that problem for me was to purchase a new monitor :-/

I loved the huge size of the monitor with the built-in speakers (added plus) easy navigation of the on-screen display menu and the gamut of input slots that were available, this is where my love for the monitor ended.

A few weeks, maybe 2-3 or maybe even a month after I began using the monitor I noticed a thin vertical line in the middle of the screen, eh, not a problem, turn off the monitor then turn it back on again, still… thin vertical line in the center of the screen, hmmmm… wtf, okay, restart the computer. All seemed well on the bootup, then the Windows XP login screen came up, thin vertical line (initially it was yellow, now it’s changing colors, its green/pink/purple) i’m pretty fed up at this point! Unplug the monitor, wait a few minutes, plug it back in….. Still, thin vertical line! AHHH!!!!! Okay, okay, Google has ALL the answers, Google will help me resolve this. Search – “HP f2105 vertical line”, results….

I am screwed, seems to be a problem with the hardware and since i bought this thing second hand off of eBay from a private seller, I am even further screwed as I have no warranty on the monitor :-/. Ah well, i’ll just have to get used to this thing, I deal with it, since I was still in college and broke, hahaha. Eh, thin green line I can survive, until a few weeks ago, when I tried to use an image editing program…

Dundundunnnnnnnnnn, this is where my ultimate hatred came for this monitor, it started to go crazy and every second would automatically popup the OSD (on-screen display) menu then say “OSD Lock out” (it is doing this as I write right now!!). I can’t turn off the monitor using the power button (which sounds like a broken mouse when i click it, so loud!), I can’t adjust the menu options because I am locked out, I can’t do anything! So, my only option yet again, unplug it, wait a few minutes, plug it back in…… Still, same flippin’ issue, menu lockout/popup to adjust osd. Gawd! I just called it a loss and started shopping for new monitors, my options in mind 24″+ 😀 (Go Big or Go Home) but, monitors of that size are sooo expensive, I had to downsize my dreams to 22+ a nice little upgrade from my 21″ days, but still i’d rather be in the realm of oversized screens.

Comparison shopping I looked at another HP! and Gateway. In the end, I decided that my horrendous experience with the HP would stray me away from ever getting another one and I ended up with my Gateway monitor (HD2200/HD2201) and the HP as a dual monitor setup. The comparison between the two is non-existent, the Gateway blows the old school HP out of the water and even the new HP that I was looking into didn’t have the features and costed the same amount.

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    Matt R April 10th, 2008

    LOL. what made you even think of buying a HP monitor? go with samsung! where are the pictures at?

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    Jeff April 10th, 2008

    Now thats funny! maybe something got messed up during shipping?

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    Marlon T April 10th, 2008

    I'll post pictures later. The HP had the inputs that i need and plus it had built-in speakers, another plus. It was also 21" and a really good deal @ the time (not so much now that I look back)

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    Marlon T April 10th, 2008

    I think this thing was messed up before i even got it :-/

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    kristy April 11th, 2008

    makes my 17 inch monitor look tiny!

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    Marlon T April 30th, 2008

    Because your 17" is tiny :-P

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    M.D. June 26th, 2008

    I have searched everywhere to diagnose the problems my HP f2105 monitor is having including HPs email support. Mine was refurbished from Bestbuy Canada and came with a 90 day warranty. They offered me the extended warranty but it didn't make sense since it would jack up the low price. Now it has the flashing menu with the locked OSD message onscreen. Ideally I found that if I hold the power button down, the screen is clear to use. But the buttons are still frozen.

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